Gladiola Overdrive

Book Reviews

Gladiola Overdrive is the Chief Editor of the Pungent Sound Journal of Pulp Poetry. She is also an adjunct professor for student loans at Pungent Sound Technical College of Technology.

Professor Overdrive has a B.A. and MFA from the University of Rhode Island – New England. She also became an expert in student loans when she accrued so many of them to get her degrees. Her specialty is the poetry of Rhode Island during the Romantic Error.

These days Professor Overdrive is engaged in researching the origins of New England’s most famous poem – The Man from Nantucket – and uncovering its true author. She has concluded that the poem was originally written on February 17, 1768, at 4:03 a.m., on Block Island. However, the author’s name eludes her. She has determined the author was a woman who was deeply and tragically horny. That is an incredible breakthrough, because to this day not many women live on Block Island in February. Unfortunately, though they are few, they are all horny. Oh, well, the search goes on.