Luvgood Carp


Luvgood Carp is the Editor-in-Chief of the Pungent Sound Journal of Pulp Poetry. He is also an adjunct professor for student loans at Pungent Sound Technical College of Technology.

The college proudly acknowledges that Professor Carp has no formal training in literature or as a poet. However, he has been a member of Valley Writer’s Group for several years, and every other Thursday Professor Carp exasperates the members of that group by insisting on reading (out loud, no less) yet another of his poems.

Professor Carp is also the reigning poet laureate of Mill Mountain in Roanoke. He obtained this august status by prevailing in the Big Lick Literary Biathlon, which combines leg wrestling and lip-synching Sylvia Plath poems (not at the same time – don’t be stupid). Professor Carp is blessed with thick thighs, so we expect his reign will be glorious but mostly we expect it will be long.